The Most Effective Types Of Instagram Guides

Before starting to use Instagram Guides, it is important to try and gauge which type of Guides will be the most effective. There are three main types of Instagram Guides; posts, products, and places. Different Guides will present differently and give will you different results depending on your content and business structure. This presentation will give you some tips on the most effective kind of Instagram Guides.

To begin, it kind of goes without saying, but it is still important to mention, that the most effective types of Instagram Guides are, of course, the ones that are most appropriate for you. The best Guides align with your brand's values, appeal to your audience, and will benefit your business in some way. There is no point just doing Guides for the sake of it--determine what your audience will get from them, and how this will work for you, before just churning out content to appear relevant. 

The most effective kind of Guide is one that best represents your content and resonates with your audience.

Product Guides

Product Guides can be used to share a particular product with your audience. You can include reviews or an explanation of how the product best functions. It is a great way to explain a more complicated product--for example, the manufacturing method or materials used for your audience.  Product Guides can only be created about products that are listed on the Instagram Shop, so it is a great way to draw attention to your favorite products or options.

Place Guides

Place Guides are great to create a Guide to a place that has a location-tagged on Instagram. It is the best way to create a recommendation for a business. 

Post Guides

Post Guides are the most versatile. You can create lists and compilations of posts centered around a certain theme. It is a useful way to share your expertise and group relevant posts together. 

Additionally, you want to use an effective headline and name of your Guide, as well as helpful descriptions within your Guides. You want your language to be clear and concise, to demonstrate your point and be engaging. You should encourage your audience to share the Guides, too. 

It can be beneficial to include some sort of call to action within a Guide; for example, a discount code or a "mention this Guide for a free...". There are many ways that you can be creative with Guides, so make sure you take any opportunity you can to do so.

The most effective Guides are going to be the ones that work towards meeting your business and engagement goals. So, think outside the box, use your imagination, and really Guide your audience into engaging with your content.